Lothario Pug

It's taken me a few days to find the time to write this Valentines blog because I have been very busy with 2 lucky ladies this year!

The first of my special ladies is Minnie- the miniature dachshund. She's a girl from work and has been on and off for a while now. She never used to be that keen on me until girl number 2 rocked up- now I can't keep her away! It's amazing what a bit of competition does!

Girl number 2 is a larger lady but what can I say 'I like big mutts and I cannot lie'! Rosie the English bulldog- not only a larger lady but also an older lady! I'm a toypug! She snores and grunts a bit but is nice and cuddly and gives sloppy kisses.

Well boys and girls- what do you expect when you have a physique like mine- can't keep the ladies away!