Why we love Basil*

*the cockapoo not to be confused with the herb!


Basil the cockapoo from Richmond is our latest new recruit! As a one year old cheeky chappy, Basil has opted for the Jesmond super hero bow tie design as the one that best describes his bouncy personality!  


Despite being somewhat of a local celebrity (just check out Basils Instagram @cockapoobasil) he is very down to earth and sweet natured particularly towards Malcolm the cat.  (This is more than can be said than Percy's behaviour towards cats!) 


Basil is a big fan of car journeys, especially ones that end up at the park. He loves food, company and treats, but dislikes, sharing food, being left by himself and hot weather (too much fluff!)


We think that Basil is a fabulous Brand Ambassador and with his big grin he seems to agree!  Welcome to the gang Basil!